Below you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question which is not shown simply contact us and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

Why Do People Buy Replica Cars, Is It Worth it?

There are many reasons why people buy replica cars and they are a real joy to own. Some people buy Replicas as they do not have the budget for the real thing but want to own and drive a replica. Others may choose a Replica Car simply because they own the original but it is too valuable to drive on the road in case anything happens. Maybe the Original Car cannot be found anymore and a Replica is the only way enjoy driving a classic or concept car. Other reasons include:

  • Film Props
  • Exhibitions & Promotional Events
  • Music Videos
  • Museums
  • Concept Cars

Whatever the reason Replica Cars are a good alternative and cheaper option than an original and built to VERY HIGH Standards which in many cases makes them indistinguishably from the real thing.

Are The Replica Cars The Same And What Standard Is The Finish?

We pride ourselves in ensuring the details of our cars are as close to the original as possible. The cars are all built from high quality materials and look identical to the real thing. In most cases we have also maintained the original dimensions of the car.

The interiors look as close to the original as we can and are finished to a very high standard in Leather or PVC with a variety of colours. The gauges, instruments panels and switches all look similar. Each car has the normal features of any car with AC / In Car entertainment / Lighting Etc. however some of the Electronic Functions may not be the same as this is where the differences are.

**Remember this is a Replica Car, Not An Original and although it will Look like the original in every way the CPU / Hi Tech Electronics and other features which you may find in the original Super Car will not be the same. Thats why its a fraction of the price.

Can The Cars Or Kits Be Shipped To Anywhere?

YES. We ship the cars and kits C.I.F. (Carriage, Insurance, Freight) to almost any location worldwide. Completed Cars are normally shipped by 20ft container. Panel Kits & Body Shells are packed into shipping crates which can be loaded into a standard shipping container. For a complete car the shipping costs are approx $1,800 inclusive of all fees. All cars are shipped UNBADGED, which means there are no brand logos anywhere on the vehicle. The VIN and Car Documents will show the original donor car details. Please note that you must check with your local country regulations regarding the import of replica cars.

Are Replica Cars Legal In Thailand And Do They Have A Blue Book?

In Thailand the Kit Car and Replica Car market is still very new and the actual law is a very grey area. All the Replica Cars are built on Donor Cars using the Original Chassis and therefore have an official Blue Book and valid V.I.N. number. The documents will show the name of the original car and not the replica name. For example a Replica Porsche built on a Volkswagen Donor Car will show Volkswagen on the paperwork and NOT Porsche. The documents are valid its just the appearance which has changed.

Are Replica Cars Legal In My Country?

The cars are fully road legal however, each country has different views on Replica Cars. In most countries Replica Cars are 100% legal as long as they comply with the normal safety standards and you are not trying to sell or advertise the replica as the real thing. We do not place original badges on any of the replicas and do not try to sell them as real models. The Replica Cars all have valid V.I.N numbers and registration documents showing the original Donor Car details.  You will need to check with your local country on the laws of Importing Replica Cars.

Are The Replica Cars Safe For The Road?

YES. Each Replica Car is either built on an original Donor Car which maintains the original VIN number and specifications OR a custom steel frame which would have a new VIN Number. All cars have lights, indicators and other items to comply with most legal requirements for vehicles on public roads. You should check with your local highways department to check what is required and if our cars are suitable before purchasing.

What Is A Donor Car?

When building a Replica Car the first stage is to have a chassis and framework for the engine, suspension etc. The easiest way to do this is to use an old car which is already road legal and which has passed worldwide safety tests and simply change the “Look” of the car. This is referred to as the “Donor Car”. The Chassis, Suspension, Braking System, Electrics Etc. of the original car would be used and possibly upgraded when making the Replica Car. This ensures the vehicle maintains the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) as well as all the safety aspects of the original.

Can I Choose The Options For My Car?

YES. With all our Replica Cars we have chosen the most popular specifications as the “Standard” car. This means we have selected the Engine, Wheels, Interior which is the most common for that type of vehicle. The price advertised on the website is for the Standard Model.

You can customise all aspects of your car. We have 11 engine choices PLUS you can choose additional engines if required. You can also choose the interior finish in PVC, Leather or other / The colours of the exterior and interior / Seat Belt Configurations / Wheels / Seating Styles and More….

Can I Visit Your Factory?

YES. You can visit our factory at any time By Appointment Only. Simply send us a request together with you contact details and you can visit our factory to view completed cars and works in progress.

Do You Have Completed Cars In Stock?

All Complete Replica Cars are built to order therefore we do not normally carry stock however, there are almost always cars currently being built in our facility so models are normally available to see and we do have Body Parts, Body Shells and Molds in stock. We do also sometimes have cars which we made especially for a project for sale or ex showroom models.

More Information : Where Can I Find Out The Law For My Country?